Friday, April 24, 2009

PAS councillors- Ur mission is to serve the Rakyat!

Well, It was the pre-council meeting held among the local councillors sometime last week. The very first point the PAS councillors concerned of, was not how to resolve the matter pertaining to the masterskill issues affecting the neighbourhood in Taman Kemacahaya, but, how to reclaim the integrity of the " condemned" PAS local councillor! is it so important to this particular guy that the PAS councillors have to think all their ways to reclaim the broken/ruined integrity among themselves? they made a damn big mistake in siding the Masterskill College for some reasons ( i wont tell as i chose not to tell), the Pas fella even directed the YDP to cancel the long- waited meeting among the residents and masterskill, of what reason that he cancell? no reasonable reason ever given, shit the PAS councillor for negleting the welfare n benefit of the people..

In the pre council meeting, i was damn shocked that, the whip of the PAS even dared to " ask" me to produce a press statement stating that i made mistake in condeming the PAS councillor and that, the mistake was originated due to the miscommunication between the PAS councillor and myself. ???????????? well, guys, what do you think? fruz huh? i almost wana slap on the face of that PAS whip! two slaps viz, one slap for them forgeting the mission they were sent to the council that's to help the people and right the wrong. Second slap, they had treated DAP as slave ( hamba) or second class councillor that we must do what we are told! THE DAP KNOWS WELL WHAT IS BEST FOR THE PEOPLE!

i reinstated my point that, no second press statrement would be served. if they insisted, i would serve the second statement to again condemn them, not one but all the PAS councillors for being forgetful of their mission n duty!

Hidup pakatan? not really!

I STRONGLY CONDEMN PAS FELLA HERE, in this personal blog of mine! Serve the people well or, you will be Sacked in the next election!
Carmen leong-Local Councillor( a young-so-dare-to be-vocal DAP councillor)


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